Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How does somebody get healthy skin,nails and hair?

Anyway that your skin could look better not so oily, your nails strong and hair how to get rid of dandruff, and make hair less dry and brittle!? Please Help!How does somebody get healthy skin,nails and hair?
Drink tons of water to give you clear skin and healthy fingernails.How does somebody get healthy skin,nails and hair?
drink water

not just today, everyday and lots of it

I promise you will see the difference
Use garnier products for your hair, and try a deep moisterising treatment once a month. To keep nails and feet nice, try putting lotion on them as often as you can--before bed for example. also, socak your feet and hands in soapy warm water for about 1o min. then get all the junk from under them with a nail thing, (it's usually on the clippers) don't paint--it doesn't help. after getting junk out, moiusterize. mabye even twice. also, what really helps is if you take about two or three baths instead of showers a month.

Hope that helped!

faith XoX
well eat lots of fish, rice, healthy stuff nothing oily or fried and put lotion on and keep nails clean and cut also ur hair clean every other day to keep it shiny.
Hey Red! I am an old lady who looks more than 10 years younger than most people my age. I am even mistaken for 30 at times (depending on stress level and sleep deprivation! LOL).

Having great skin, hair and nails begins with making permanent changes in your lifestyle. If it is important to you to look awesome, then you make it happen.

To get you on the fast track, you have been given some darn good advice. I would only add to what has been said to take a good B Complex vitamin and supplements with vitamins and minerals. Use no alcohol products on your hair...alcohol dries out the scalp and hair. Nourish your body and your skin and hair also get nourished. You can't dye the crapola out of your hair and expect it to look amazingly smooth. Fructise is a great over the counter product. The less the best for your skin. A good moisturizer, ease up on the makeup, skin needs to breathe. As for nails; keep them well manicured and use a clear or sheer polish to set them off!

You are what you eat! Peanut butter and nuts are great. Green foods are the best for skin and hair. Hydration is key too as is exercize. I wish you the best. If I can be of further assistance, don't hesitate to e-mail me. Nana
Here are some good references to your questions:

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Eat alot of apples, and drink lots of water





Amazingly i have an answer. I think. I have really healthy, big, nice looking nails and I eat a lot of peanut butter. I'm addicted to it. Ever since my ';phase'; started I've been noticing how much prettier my nails have been looking. Wow. Also try washing your hair every other day so it isnt all ';washed out';, and eat lots of fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water! Also lotion can help. I use it every night after my shower and man does my skin feel soft and look great!
Take prenatel(my spelling is awful) vitamins. They help all of those things.
get lots of protein for your hair, vitamin E and those fish oil pills are good for your skin, greasy foods make your skin more oily. get lots of calicium for your nails. i use sunsilk on my hair and it works great. it's always super soft. for the dandruff, be sure to massage some cleansing shampoo through your hair throughly, especially at the hair line. dont pick or scratch at your scalp, it just makes it worse. water always is great!! good luck!
Water. Drink plenty of water everyday.
go to walmart or drug mart in the vitamin/supplement aisle and buy BIOTIN!!! The back of the bottle will tell you its specifically for skin, hair and nails to make them stronger!

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