Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you make your nails grow?

I keep biting my nails and i really need to stop. sometimes i bit too far and i gets my skin. Please help.How do you make your nails grow?
stop biting them

i know you can get these oils to put on your nails that make them healthier and they grow faster but also if you can't stop biting your nails you could wearing gloves for a while till they grow. it depends on why you bite your nailsHow do you make your nails grow?
push ur cuticles back and relax stop biting your nails. do u know how nasty that is.?
Wear gloves or mittens, that way it is impossible to bite your nails.
i used to do the same thing. i started taking gelatin pills and they really helped my nails grow in thicker and stronger. it deterred me from biting them b/c they were so hard. you can buy gelatin pills in the vitamin section of walmart.
Sit on your hands to break the habit, or find something else to do with them when you're bored or stressed.
Well i get into the habit of biting my nails too. What i do is paint my nails so when i start to bite them i taste nail polish which doesnt taste very good but it stops me from biting them. its a self disapline thing cause it really not good to bite your nails. Hope i helped ya!!
check out I learned about hypnosis and nail biting polish there, they work great I finally got rid of that annoying habit.

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