Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do you kep your nails clean?

I've finally managed to grow my nails after years of biting them, but they get really grubby underneath really really quickley and I'm picking at them all the time now.How do you kep your nails clean?
Use a nail brush in the shower every day but don't put soap on it as that is drying. Try not to use your nails to pick up stuff and don't pick at things w/ them. Once you get used to the new length it will be easier to be conscious of all these things. Keeping nail polish on them might keep you from picking at them in the meantime since you won't be able to see underneath the nail from the top if you use a color dark enough.How do you kep your nails clean?
there is a special scrubbing brush to clean ur nails, but if u need to clean them in a rush, there is a pencil that you slide under each nail and it cleans it as well as whitens the ends of the nail (not dramatic change though)
you need to get a nail brush and clean them regularly. also, dont let them get to long. keep them fairly short. like not past the end of ur finger.
Cut the tips regularly and at other times, use a nail file for taking a layer off
CLIP then regularly...
I use a nail brush every night.
Nailbrush and soap. Doh!

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