Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do you get of fake nails?

I got fake nails professionally done! I have had them before and i hurts to pull them off i am not going back to the place to pay for them to take them off tough! I don't need them off today just in a couple of weeks or so when they start to look bad! Is there also a way that when you take them off that they don't break or ruin the nails underneath them?How do you get of fake nails?
acetone. $1 at target.

fake nails suck. i had to get rid of mine too cause they looked so ugly after a few days.How do you get of fake nails?
There is no way that you can remove them without damaging your natural nail, the damage has already been done. the best way is to take a nail buffer and rough up the acrylic nail and then to soak it in 100% pure acetone, it will take a while and it could possibly take a couple different attempts, good luck.
soak them in acetone! (:
If you soak your nails in 100% pure acetone, it will soften the acrylic to the point where you can safely pull the nail off without pain. Or, if you're really patient, you can soak until they completely dissolve. You can buy acetone at any beauty supply store fro around $5-$10, and the ironic thing is, this is what the salon will do the exact same thing; soak you in acetone.

However, your nails will still be somewhat damaged underneath. When the manicurist put the nails on your real nails, they first buffed the surface of your nail. So there is already damage done to your nail. The good news is, this damaged area grows out rather quickly.

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