Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do you get fake nails off?

I got acrylics for my junior prom. I tried to soak them in acetone but i didn't have enough to actually sit there. How else do I take them off?How do you get fake nails off?
soak them in acetone.How do you get fake nails off?
Just go to walmart and buy a bottle of nail polish remover WITH acetone.

Dump it in a shallow bowl and sit on the couch with ur hands in it and watch some tv..

Theyll flake off and loosen in like an hour and then you can cut them short and within a day or two theyll just come off themselves.

The nail polish remover is only a couple dollars.

If not you can get them taken off by a professional at a nail salon but theyll only do the same thing and it will cost a lot lot more money so just do it yourself haha.
get a couple of tissues and dip then in the acetone. then gently rub the tissue at the base of the nail until you can wiggle it and it slips off. then try soaking them in warm water.,

hope i helped love (:
Soak them in warm water then you just have to pull them off. it WILL hurt :(
hot water!

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