Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do you get fake nails off?

I got nails for prom in May and I have been trying to get them off for forever.I got them done at a salon,so I can't just yank them off.How can I get them off without hurting my nails or myself?How do you get fake nails off?
Well I wear gel nails. My friend told me it helps to soak your nails in acetone. This may take a while and then as they soften up try filing them. Then take a wooden nail board with a slanted tip and try carefully prying the fake nail from your own nail. You may have to cut your real nail short but don't cut to close to the quick then it may bleed. Good Luck.How do you get fake nails off?
soke them in nail polish great
yes u could try soaking them in remover but the salon kind depending on the exact type you got may need to be burned off at the salon or taken off a certain way so u won't ruin ur nails. I am not a proffesional on this subject but many of my friends got the same kind u got and they all went to the salon to get them off.

-hope was helpful!! and good luck!!!
Soak in acetone or remover that has acetone!!

soak them in acetone polish remover it must contain acetone.

God bless
Cut them down to a little before the quick of your nail. Soak them in acetone nail polish remover. As they get loose lift the white parts a little (as much as they will lift) and put your nails back in the remover. After a couple of lifts they should come right off. You were right not to tear them off.
usually my aunt uses nail polish remover or maybe go back to the salon where you got them done and see if they can take them off
you can go to a nail salon and they can soak them off

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