Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do I get my nails to grow quickly?

Is there any foods that may help, being outside loads seems to a bit.

ThanksHow do I get my nails to grow quickly?
It seems like you have the same problem as I do, my doctor gave me a prescription for '; Calcichew ';, its a chewable tablet which helps to strengthen bones and nails AND they seem to be working.How do I get my nails to grow quickly?
Keep your fingersnails clean, it really does help.

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nails are dead/damaged cells

bruises are cells that are damaged

so just punch yourself!
Yeah, don't bite them!
I don'r know about food, but my nails keeps on growing everytime i have a shower. So i suppose take two showers a day?
There are diet supplements that are 100% natural and make your nails %26amp; hair (nails are hair, btw) grow faster. Try Oenobiol. Bit pricy but very good.
A diet high in protein may be helpful. Nails and hair are made of keratin which is a protein. Swanson vitamins has a Hair, Skin, and Nails supplement that might help.

yea the water one someone said about in the shower seems true. soak em in a bowl of really warm water (not hot) for half an hour. there is also this stuff from sally hansen in a gold bottle that you paint on your nails and that worked for me when i useed to bite my nails, and it grew em out for prom. miracle growth i think its callled. check bout 拢8
don't bite them and have plenty calcium in your diet
take the vitamin ';biotin';

it helps a lot and good for your skin and hair also
Sea Kelp tablets from health shop - also good for growing hair x
Keep a packet of Jelly in the fridge. Eat 1 cube every day, the gelatin helps the nails to grow. (sounds weird but it really works)!!!
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