Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do you cut cats nails?

I have a cat and my cat bitt my dad and I don't want that to happen again!How do you cut cats nails?
Seems to me that you need to do more than just cut your cat's nails. If she (I'm assuming it's a she, sorry if it's a he) bit your dad, then she is trying to assert herself. You have to make sure she sees you as a dominant figure. Think like a pride of lions. Your cat is trying to get to a higher position in the pride, and she will keep acting out until you get her to understand that you are the dominant figure of her pride. You should look up on cat behavior, that'll help.

If she tries to claw or bite anyone again, take her by the scruff with a firm hand, press her down gently on the ground or a couch or some soft surface so that she cannot move. This is a move that a mother cat uses to train her kittens not to bite and scratch her. It applies to their instincts and works very quickly. They understand that you are, in essence, saying that you are bigger than them and stronger than them and you will not tolerate their bad behavior. Hold her down for about one or two minutes.

Be careful! The first couple of times, she may flail and try to get out of your hold. Think of it as being rebellious. She is not actually trying to hurt you, just testing to see if she can get free. Do not let her!!

Be firm, but be careful not to push her down too hard! That will hurt her!

When she calms down, give her scruff one little shake. For cat's, it translates into you saying something along the lines of, ';Now behave!';

She will be subdued, maybe even pouting. Gently release your hold on her scruff and give her a pet on the back to show her you are not angry at her.

She may run away, but please do not worry. She is just sulking.

If after you let her go, she tries to turn and bite or scratch you, repeat the process, holding her down a minute or so longer. Do not flick her nose or hurt her as punishment! That will make her more rebellious!

This may seem like a long process, but it works better than anything else. Once she comes to understand that she is not going to usurp you, she will stop acting out. She will trust that you know what is best for her and she will understand that she is not allowed to do certain things, and if she does, she will be called to task. After this, doing anything with her will be A LOT easier, whether it be cutting her nails, brushing her teeth, or checking an injury.

Please understand that cats have only been domesticated for about 6,000 years, which isn't long enough to get rid of their wild instincts. You have to make her understand what you want in the right way or it'll only increase the problem.

Also, while clipping nails, let her smell the nail clipper first. Don't just grab her and start clipping nails! That will scare her, and then if she flails it's just because she's afraid and that was your fault.

Lastly, be sure that the clippers you use are clippers made for cat nails. Other kinds may pinch or splinter the nail before cutting it and that will hurt her and make her more likely to try to defend herself.

Good Luck!How do you cut cats nails?
I don't have any problems cutting my cat's nails now, but when they were younger, I'd wrap them tight in a blanket and then take out each leg one at a time and then cut the nails on that paw.

They do use scratching posts, but not enough to keep their nails under control. They still need to get cut every couple of weeks.
For the first time when cutting the cats nails he/she will get startled by the sound. The way my mom did it was my mom would hold the cats paws to cut them while I held on to the back legs so he wouldn't kick. After a while he got use to it and it doesn't bother him.
Why are you cutting her nails, she needs them. If they are getting long and clicking on the floor get her a scatching post, they are also easy to make. Just cover a free standing post with some old carpet and a few toys so she knows she can use it.
Try putting a towel over her head while you cut her nails. That way she wont see anything and wont freak out as much. Create as little noise as possible and keep the room quiet. I hope that helps :D

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