Friday, January 15, 2010

How do I make my nails grow faster?

I had really long nails and today in Science class without realizing I was biting ym nails i bit them all off. I know eeeew. How do I get them to grow back with home rememedies... I do NOT want to buy anything. What is the fastest solution?

THANKS A ZILLION!How do I make my nails grow faster?
Water, helps em' grow back but its not a over nite thing.

try washing dishes more often.How do I make my nails grow faster?
pull them out of your flesh.
drink milk.....calcium makes nails grow like crazy....i broke a nail and cut the rest off to even them out and 2 days later they had grown about a centimeter longer than my finger....just by drinking 3 glasses of milk a day (for 2 days)
Calsiem. Drink Milk!
i have no idea why they all say milk. milk is not the only source of calcium! i mean, not that i know of any others... but there are more.

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