Friday, January 15, 2010

How can I calm down my dog so I can trim his nails?

I have a white Shepherd that is VERY hyper. He wont stay still at all. I can't get him to stay still even for a second in order to trim his nails, and they are getting way to long. Is there any over the counter med that I can give him in order to relax/fall asleep long enough to get the job done?How can I calm down my dog so I can trim his nails?
try hugging him or her. if that doesn't work i found out you can give a dog benedryl a kids dose. but just not too often. i give it to my dog when we travel and he's preety calm on the road.How can I calm down my dog so I can trim his nails?
it was ok i think u go to the vets

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take her or hem to the vets

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I used the Benedryl with the OK from his vet. It saved me a vet bill, and was also easyer on him.

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I have the same problem with my dog. Its not about being hyper so much as the dog not being comfortable with someone touching his nails. Walking your dog, does trim them down a bit, but you would still need to have them cut. Do not try it yourself, if your dog continues to fuss, because you can slip and you might cut 2 far..and the dog will bleed. You should try slowly.. try just touching your dogs paws so he can get used to you touching it.. without having to worry about snipping his nails. This takes time, so you will have to be patient. Try congratulating him everytime he lets you touch it.. so he will think its a GOOD thing to have you touch his paws. This does take time! In the meantime, you should have the VET do it. They are professionals. I took my dog, and it was $ 10 bucks. Good Luck. P.S-- Do not force your dog.. Dont hug him.. or try to ';restrain him'; .. all you will do is scare him.. and make the situation worse!

Well---- Being such a ';hyper'; dog might not be soo good because as you can see it is preventing you from doing things like '; cutting his nails';. Walking your dog.. you will see slim to no difference in a day or so.. It will just make them less sharper but you will not see a 2inch cut- or anything significant. I suggest getting a trainer or behaviorist that can teach you how to ';Calm ';your dog down when the time is necessary. LOTS OF Dogs are ';happy'; to be around, and hyper, BUT , it has to be controlled or it will cause interference.
I would take him to the groomer, my dogs are the same way. At the vet, you can ask for some setivives. Or some other pill to calm him down. I would take him to the groomer though, it is easy and he gets a bath.
If there is no way to calm him down ,take him on walks he'll appreciate it and so will you. When you take your dog on a walk his nails get trimmed down because of the pave ment. If that doesn't work put him on a leash and have someone hold him down.

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