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How do i keep my nails white?

My nails grow quite fast and when they are long i love them. Then after a day they turn yellow and they chip. How can I make them whiter and stronger?How do i keep my nails white?
Step 1

Instead of spending $20 to $40 for a manicure every 1-2 weeks, you can absolutely take care of your hands yourself. Healthy fingernails start with good habits...especially when you are at home taking care of your everyday responsibilities.

Here's how to start.

Every morning, after you brush your teeth, apply hand lotion before you even make your coffee or the kids' breakfast and lunch!

Step 2

Rub the hand lotion into your cuticles.

Step 3

Before washing dishes or cleaning the floor, etc., apply more hand lotion and then put on rubber gloves. It may sound 1950s but it absolutely will benefit your skin and fingernails. The chemicals used for cleaning will damage your skin and fingernails, so a good pair of rubber gloves will prevent that, and rubber gloves last for years.

Step 4

Always avoid putting your hands in very hot water....this also damages the hands' delicate skin and fingernails.

Step 5

Gently file your nails in one direction from left to right, each day after your shower or bath, when your nails are softest. By filing in one direction, avoiding the see-saw, back and forth motion, you will put less strain on the base of your fingernails.

Step 6

File away any snags that might form on your fingernails. These can lead to breakage.

Step 7

Keep a bottle of Sally Hansen Hard As Nails clear strengthener in your car...Then, when you are sitting in traffic or waiting for your children to come out of school, etc., apply one quick coat to your nails. This way, you won't have the strong fumes in your home, and you can remember to apply it every day! If you apply one coat each day, you most likely will never have to remove any coats due to chipping. This will enable you to avoid the use of acetone nail polish removers, which are drying to the fingernails and unhealthy for the cuticles.

Step 8

After just one week, you will most likely notice how nicely your fingernails are growing, and how the color of the nail tip is looking whiter. This means your fingernails are beginning to thrive!

Step 9

About once per week, trim your nails with the clippers after your shower or bath, and apply hand lotion and rub it in the cuticle areas.

Step 10

Always, always avoid artificial nails of all styles. These essentially weaken the natural fingernail because they cover it, preventing it from breathing and receiving sunlight. Mold can develop under the artificial nail, and when the nail tip is removed, the natural fingernail is tissue-thin and generally yellow and weak. This condition is painful AND unattractive. With properly cared-for natural nails, most people will think your nails are professionally maintained!

Step 11

Remember the hand lotion every morning is key! This method will only cost you about $6 per month for the lotion and nail coating! Compare this with the expense of weekly or bi-weekly manicures, plus the hassle of driving there and waiting for your turn! You'll be so glad you cut the cost, and your nails will look healthy and strong as a result.

I spent a lot of time on this. I hope i helped! =) Take care.How do i keep my nails white?
The best thing you can do to keep your nails strong and healthy is to apply a layer of Gena's Hoof Lacquer. If you do that once every few days, your nails will become strong and healthy, and you will notice they will stay long and white. You can put nail polish over top, or underneath, because it is just like a top coat, but you will never find a top coat to match. It is absolutely amazing, I can not say enough good about it.
My nails are long and i enjoy having them that way. I had that problem about a year or two ago and i found out on my own that at Sally's Salon place you can buy a clear coat of nail polish that protects your nails. So if you like to paint your nails to show off there beauty in a vibrint sort of way i would suggest putting the clear coat b4 you paint your nails. Nail polish makes ur nails yellow. Espesially red. Also nail filers make your nails smooth and even. I do a flat tip so there always good for that. Cleaning out your nails isnt hard. If you take a shower every day simply put a nail cleaner ( the little brush sort-of thing) in your shower and clean out your nails with soap and water. If you dont you surely brush your teeth everyday. So put the brush next to your toothbrush or write a reminder on your mirror with expo markers. I hope i helped!

Try some Nutra Nail polish. A friend of mine uses it and it works. They also have some with green tea extract in it, or something like that. It helps your nails to grow longer, and stronger so they don't chip or break.
massage vaseline into them to keep them strong and rub them with lemon juice to keep them white, plus drink lots of milk and dairy for calcium (or take supplements)
there is this sally hanson clear nail hardener use that and also take the lemon or lime skin once you have cut it in 1/2 and squeezed out all the juice and buff/clean your nails with them
Try keeping a clear coat on them. Once and awhile soak put your fingers into fresh cut lemons. If you smoke that always makes them turn yellow, tanning will do this too.
Theres this tool that you can get the dirt out with and you can brush on this liqued stuff that wiull keep them stronger!!1:D
dont use lemon juice. itried that once and it made them even more yello. take a nail file and file your whole nail. then take lotion and massage your nails with them. trust me it works
Use a clear polish %26amp;%26amp; clean under your nails with a tooth brush (something like that) every night.
Drink lots of water, it goes to your nails, and makes them white.
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