Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How can I stop chewing my nails?

I am 23 years old and still have the horrible habit of chewing my nails! I do it when I'm bored without even realizing it. I have gotten better but not perfect. When they do grow at all they get really brittle and break. Any tips?How can I stop chewing my nails?
I used to bite my nails so short they would bleed and now i hardly ever do it anymore. I never really noticed when i chewed them because it just happened naturally. I think i started because my best friend that i always used to be around was doing it too so seeing her do it all the time i guess slowly rubbed off onto me.

As soon as I stopped being around her i noticed i slowly stopped biting my nails. The best way now for me to not bite is to paint my nails with a few coats of GOOD nail polish so that it doesnt chip. I notice i bite more with chipped nail polish than no nail polish at all!

Im a lot older now and i hate long nails because i tend to bite them so i tend to keep them shorter. If the nail polish doesnt work you can always try putting your fingertips in something that you really dont like the taste of so that when you go to bite you cringe at the taste.

Another tip, when your biting your nails and you dont notice, as soon as you realize dont just stop because you know your just going to start again, but get up and do something else, whether its going for a walk or making food it always helps to be doing something to keep your mind off it.How can I stop chewing my nails?
Go to your nearest drug store and ask the pharmacist what they sell for you. There are a bunch of things on the market, including nail polish that tastes horrible.

Another option, if you can afford it, is to get a manicure every 2 and a half weeks or so. The first time only you would get a ';full set'; of acrylic nails. (They're beautiful and will NOT break.) You can have them as long or short as you like, and any color you like. (French manicures are really in style.) There is no way in hell that you could bite those! Then about 2 and a half weeks later you would need ';fills.'; This would definitely stop you from biting and you would have gorgeous nails all the time!

Best of luck to you! ;)
You should paint them. Try a nail strengthening base coat and then a color you really like. The base coat will help with the brittleness and the color will give you a kind reminder not to bite. And if you don't notice the color, when you stick your nails in your mouth it will definitely taste gross with polish, so you won't be as likely to chew. If you would like, you could go get a manicure; you'll be even more likely to not bite on something you spent money on. Try to get enough vitamin E, which will help strengthen your nails, and you hair for that matter. I hope this helps.
Paint your nails. Use special polish with vitamins to help with the brittleness (I buy mine from Avon), and then when you go to chew on them, hopefully the polish won't taste yummy to you and you won't chew on them too much.

OR...chop up some fresh jalapeno! lol You won't want to bite your fingers after that. Just don't rub your eyes.

For the brittle nails, there are also vitamins out there that help with nails specifically. Good luck!
I have a problem with this too. It seems whenever I paint my nails, I stop biting them and they grow back stronger and healthier.

But you have to keep them painted FOREVER, or you'll just keep biting them when it chips off.
I can't stop biting mine.

Although now, I enjoy it because I have to hand feed my gecko, and my nails won't hurt them.

So.. I really have to bite mine.

Sorry if my karma gave you that habit. =\
ugh i know me too.!

but i think u should jst put some really bad tasting nailpolish on them so u wont chew them
put jalapeno pepper sauce on yur nails... as soon as u make contact its: AIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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