Friday, January 15, 2010

How can I make my nails grow longer?

My cousins birthday party is coming up, and I was going to get acrylics, but last time i got them, they screwed up my nails. So i decided im just going to grow them. Do those long%26amp;strong nailpolish actaully work? Any other suggestions.


haha, does milk really help? cause im lactose intolerant, so would lactosemilk do the same affect?How can I make my nails grow longer?
Use Sally Hansen nail strength to help it growHow can I make my nails grow longer?
i started taking these pills to make my hair grow.. but it didnt work. i realized that it had a different effect on me. it made my nails SO strong and grow SOOO fast. i was amazed!! these pills are called horse tail grass and i know they sound really weird but they work so well! just take one or 2 a day and you should be good. i havent had a problem with my nails since.. i probably took them for a few months and my nails are permanently strong :) these pills are amazing, and really healthy for you. you can ge them at whole foods. heres what they look like:鈥?/a>
I don't know about nail products so all I can suggest is that you let mother nature do it's work and pray to God that he helps your nails grow fast.

those nail polish do work i use them all the time! : )
eat jello.. it really works,,,

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