Sunday, January 17, 2010

How can i grow my nails out in 2 weeks?

I really want long nails for graduation, and i only have 2 weeks to do it. PLEASE HELP ME!How can i grow my nails out in 2 weeks?
believe it or not I purchased some polish called WILD SHINE by Wet n Wild brand and for some reason it rapidly grew my nails it's funny, because the polish only cost 99 cents at Walgreens and it worked.How can i grow my nails out in 2 weeks?
Nails can grow up to 1/4'; in a month this time of year so in two weeks you could have 1/8'; tip if you are starting from nothing. File in one direction, keep covered with clear polish and try to avoid having your hands in excess water. Push back cuticles before polishing (don't cut them).
I have a better idea:

Why don't you just get those nails that you put on yourself with glue. They stay on for up to 5 days.... this is what I do because my nails never grow. By the way you can buy the nails in walgreens, claire, walmart, or any other store like these!
if you bite your nails you should get a clear nail polish that tastes really nasty but works you wont want to bite your nails if its on or you could get a mani so that your nails look so pretty that you dont want to mess them up:) good luck%26lt;3
Don't bite them at all. Take biotin supplements and buy some Sally Hanson nial growth stuff. It's in an orange bottle. It looks kind of like fingernail polish
Don't bite, don't cut them, and DRINK MILK!
Buy a coat that makes nails strong.

Don't bite them lol
patience.. friend,

dont cut them off once they grow

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