Friday, January 15, 2010

How can I get my nails to grow fast ?

I need to nails to grow. I bite my nails like crazy and I need to know how.How can I get my nails to grow fast ?
First off you have to nip your habit in the bud. It takes 2 weeks to reverse most habits. Go to Sally Beauty Supply and get some of the no bite polish. It is clear and has a really nasty taste that will keep your fingers out of your mouth. You may be not even noticing when you are biting. Keep nail clippers and files with you so you never have an excuse to bite your nail ';just to get that little piece off!';.

Go to GNC and get a vitamin for nail growth. It will also give yout he benefit of healthier skin and hair since they three are all connected. The best vitamin is Biotin 500. Ask the GNC clerk about it. It should cost your about $25 for a 90 day supply.

Once you curb the biting you need to get a nail strengthener from Sally's. It is just a clear coat but stays very thick on the nail to keep it from chipping and peeling. Keep your hands out of hot water which weakens nails, away from textured surfaces that will fray the ends of your nails, and wash your hands and treat with lotion after swimming. Chlorine dries out nails and makes them brittle.

Good luck!

You may also just go get fake nails and keep them on for a few months. About $20 the first time and $15 every two weeks for touch ups. It will make it where you can't reach your nails to bite them.How can I get my nails to grow fast ?
I have always had lousy nails but since I began taking calcium and extra vitamin D (approximately 1 month ago) there is no doubt my nails are stronger and grow faster than ever before. Also, cuticle oil has helped, I apply it day and night. I never go anywhere without an emery board for those scratchy edges which I would always peel off. Other than that, fakes are the quickest way. However, when the operator filed down my nail beds to apply the fakes it took months for them to recover. So I don't do that anymore.
there is nail polish that has a bad taste so that you will quit biting your nails. there is also nail polish that are made to help your nails grow. also eat foods like seaweed, which contains keratin (what nails and hair is made of) that help nails and hair grow. Get lots of Vitamin D and E by eating yogurt and milk, citrus foods, and etc.
1. First break your nail biting habit by first aiming to stop biting your thumbs, then when you can do that, your forefingers etc.

2. Then cut your nails so they are all the same size.

3. Buy a nail growth polish from somewhere like boots or superdrug, then pain them with it. (I recommend Nailene but anything will do)

4. Get into a routine of trimming your nails and taking off, re-applying nail growth polish.

5. Also if you dont want nail growth polish (though it works best!) you can soak your nails for 15 minutes every day in vegetable oil.

Good Luck babe .X
well 1st off if you want them to grow u have to STOP biting them, u should try biotin, its a dietary supplement that helps promote growth in the hair and nails.
just get some of that sally hanson stregnthen and grow stuff. itll make it grow faster and make it stronger so it wont be as easily to bite it.
If you want your nails to grow fast, put them in horse manure......... It won't help with the growth as such, but it will stop you biting them.
Well first stop biting ur nails and than there is this gel that u can buy, it makes ur nails stronger and they grow faster.
rub some fresh garlic on it every night before you go to bed!!

it actually works but it might smell so wash your hands after.
I'd try to get help with the biting of nails before anything ;) That's kinda a problem in itself.
by eating/drinking calcium
prenatal vitamins. Any store has them.
i take prenatal vitamins. not only do my nails and hair grow fast, they are strong and i get other great vitamins too :)

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