Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How can I get my nails healthy?

How can I get my nails to be hard, and not get chipped off? Is there any kind of natural treatments I can do at home?How can I get my nails healthy?
take some biotin. its good for your hair, skin and nailsHow can I get my nails healthy?
Actually, drink milk.

%26amp; garlic helps. but not eating eat find a nail polish that's with odorless garlic. it helps. when you bye a nail polish that isn't really nail polish it's like see through kinda that's like a glitter but it doesn't have glitter. well, you get the point...put it on every ten days.
If you paint your nails often w/ clear nail-polish, it looks healthier, and it makes them look pretty then after awhile of painting w/ clear nail-polish your nails will soak up the enamel from the paint and will make your nails naturally harder!
Soak them in plain yogurt for 20 minutes every night. You can also soak them in Knox gelatin for the same amount of time.
Get some Biotin, usually available in the vitamin section of any drugstore or health food store. Use the 5 mg strength. It also helps to strengthen your hair and is good for your skin.
from what i hear is to put garlic in yourr nails it makes them stronger and healthier, ihaven't really try it because of the smell
eiether fake nails or they make many different hard as nails and clear polishes and n ail treatments at walmart or walgreens or cvs .....just use sally brand theyw ork the best
keep them short. they wont break, and they look better. no guy likes long nails.
clean them daily
drink milk =)

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