Monday, May 10, 2010

How do you make your hair and nails grow really fast?

Ok i just got over biting my nails. I've bitten them my whole life and they're really short. They've grown a little but I'm going to a wedding in a couple weeks and i want them long. I don't want to buy anything but is there anything that i can do at home to help?How do you make your hair and nails grow really fast?
I know that the best thing for me is taking either a woman's multivitamin or even better a prenatal vitamin. Keep your hair trims regular so it's healthier. If you keep your nails filed around the edges it seems to keep them from breaking and helps them grow longer. The WORST thing I ever did was buy a hair and nail supplement. I cannot remember the exact name but I got it from vitacost last year and it causes little fuzzy hairs to grow everywhere, not just your hair. I'm sure some women have had success with them, but NOT ME ! Good luck

Wow, let me say that it's not good to take too many vitamins because some of them can be toxic in high doses. Most people are smart enough to read labels... I've been taking ONE vitamin at a time for years and all that happened to me was Long hair Long nails and a beautiful 2 yr old daughter.How do you make your hair and nails grow really fast?
grow my nails faster and stronger鈥?/a>
you can take biotin. they work really well for me. you can get them from walmart in the viatimin section
You can not make them grow faster, they will grow the same rate no matter what, so don't waste money on BS products, get fakes if you really want them long
Time is the best guaranteed way sadly :/ Most things i hear actually turn out to be bogus and don't work. But i bet there is some home remedies out there that speeds up hair and nail growth that i dont know of.

Good luck!
Your options are pretty slim; even if you do everything you are supposed to you may not actually see an increase in growth. Hair isn't alive and it doesn't grow. Hair and nails are an accumulation of a protein called keratin inside the follicle/mantle. As it builds up on the bottom it is pushed out the top, creating ';hair/nail growth';.

Eat a healthy, protein rich diet and take a regular multivitamin daily. Since hair and nails are protein, eating foods rich in protein like peanut butter, eggs, and fish can help to accelerate growth. Don't waste your time with massage, increasing hair growth is tiny anyway, massage isn鈥檛 going to do anything.

Do not take prenatal vitamins, despite what some uneducated people here may say, taking too many vitamins can do serious damage to your organs, cause arthritis, and can even cause death. It isn't ';just extra nutrients,'; it is deadly so don't believe it. I don鈥檛 mean to sound negative, but this is serious and I don't want to see people get hurt for long hair! Someone almost always suggests this, so I thought to mention it.

So no shampoo (including Mane n鈥?Tail!) conditioner, oil, or product can, in any way, accelerate hair or nail growth. Hair and nail growth is almost entirely genetic, and a little bit diet, so all that you can do it change your diet. But even if you do all of this it is possible to not see an increase, since a good deal of this is based on your genetic makeup.
Eat a lot of keratin-rich protein, as found in eggs. Nails are a waste product of the body and are made of unmetabolized protein.

For the hair, try supplements of Kelp, Biotin, B vitamins and Folic Acid. Women's hair grows very fast during pregnancy because prenatal vitamins are loaded with folic acid.

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