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How do you clip a cat's nails?

I've heard your not supposed to clip a cat's nails with a normal nail clipper. So what am I supposed to do when their nails are long and sharp?How do you clip a cat's nails?
I work at an animal shelter and people nail clippers are all we use. They work great especially if your cats is not keen on having those big nail clippers in their face. People nail clippers can basically hide in your hand. I normally will sit on the floor with the cat between my knees and gently squeeze the paw to expose the nails and just take the hook off. My vet even uses them and he recommended them to me.How do you clip a cat's nails?
you can go to any store and get the proper tool to cut cat or dogs nails. Then they usually say how to cut your cats nails. You shouldn't guess where to cut cause if you fit one of their viens they will die bleeding. When you get the proper tools you usually cut them inch by inch at first. if the nails or clear the viens are easier to see. If your very unsure about doing it you can ask your vet to clip them or show you how to clip them and they should be able to help you. Good luck! %26gt;^.^%26lt;
well you can probably go to the vet and get them cut or you can buy special nail clippers for cats and dogs.
They make nail clippers for this. Best to have a vet show you first. But, I would never clip a cat's claws. When I had my cat that was the fun. I have him down on his back with my hand holding his chest and twist him back and forth. He be clawing me with all fours and biting too. Man we had fun, but, my arm not think so! :-p
You get a special nail scissors. The blades are short, blunt and bent and there is a notch for the claw. These aren't expensive.

If you sit in a livingroom chair with arms and put the cat (if you're right handed like I am) on your left leg and push it back into the corner. That way you can hold it with your left arm and elbow while you expose the claw with your left and and then clip it with your right. Remember to look for the vein and don't clip that far back. It might end up being a 2-person job, depending on the cat.

When you're done, pet the cat gently and give it a treat. Bribery works well, so they won't remember and will forgive you.
You can find special cat claw clippers at any pet store. They're great. Just make sure not to clip to low, past the pink.
go and purchase some naiil clippers for animals, they either have a guillotine type looking kind or another type with scissor handles (that's the kind i prefer)

then get your cat and (sometimes it cool to have a helper) hold their paw so that you can push out the claw part and then clip off only the part that is clear. if you clip anything pink your cat will freak out hate you and start bleeding. if the nails are dark it's safe to cut the hook part of the claw off, i don't go much further than the part that hooks things.

then just move along to the next claw, if your cat gets antsy or crabby just let it go for a bit and try again later. eventually they will get used to it.
I use normal nail clippers. I have been doing it since my cats were quite young so they tolerate it quite well. You just hold their paw and push down slightly at the base of the claw and the claw will poke out. You can see the pink part inside the nail which comes out about half way. Don't cut that far. Sometimes using nail clippers the claw will split up into the cuticle and this can bleed a little and may be a little sore so try not to cut too high up.
very carefully! lol
just clip the tip off of the nail if they are dark or if they are clear clip them back a little more as long as you don't cut the vein in the nail.
there are special nail clippers made for cats and small dogs. what i do is, when my cats are really drowsy (drowsy enough so that they wont give you a hard time) take their paw, push lightly on it, and clip the tips of each nail. when your starting out, (it is best you start when ur cat is young so he/she will learn to cooperate) go a paw or sometimes a finger a day at a time. offer treats too! cats go nuts for those things and my cats will do almost anyting for them. give it a go and good luck!
You need to start when they are young. If the cat fights just do one or two. Don't stress the cat out too much. I have one cat who only allows me to do two or three at a time. I use regular clippers and only remove the very end of the nail. I have never had bleeding. I just trimmed a 4 months old and she had a fit but at least she wasn't getting her nails hooked on the rug anymore.
you can use dog clippers. be sure not to cut back to the quick. if you do and it starts to bleed, put baking soda on it to stop the bleeding.
well heres what u need to do u have to go to a pet store and get a cat nail cilpper. thats what i did for my cat. then when he is calm try to get to his/her nails and clip them but not the pink part.
I use ordinary nail clippers to trim my cats' claws. But I have to wait until they are asleep to do it. And you must first accustom your cat to you handling her paws. So start now. Just gently touch her paws, massaging gently. She'll try to keep withdrawing the paw of course, so it will take several days until she trusts her paws to your handling. then one day when she is asleep in a well lighted place, trim her claws - one paw at a time! You won't be able to get all done in one sitting so you need patience. BE CAREFUL NOT TO CLIP TOO SHORT - just clip the VERY TIPS to avoid accidentally clipping the nail quick - that will hurt and injure your cat and she will never again trust you to touch her paws! I just cut the very tips and I turn the claw sideways since I use ordinary nail clippers.
you can trim cats nails. all you do is get a pair of cat,rabbit, dog nail clippers. get your cat hold it and manually retract his paw, then clip the very tip, be careful not to clip tooo low, into the cuticle. it may bleed and if it does dip it in flour and dont worry, it just looks like alot blood but there no danger too it.
it is true that you are not suppose to clip a cats nails with a nail clipper. so buy a special cat clipper. go to a pet store or vet and look for one.

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