Monday, May 10, 2010

How do I remove these stupid acrylic nails?

I had acrylic nails put on yesterday and I hate them. I can't type, I can't change the babys nappy and they really hurt. Every time I touch them they hurt my fingers. So I remove them? Will it be harder because I only just had them put on?

This is what I get for being vain.How do I remove these stupid acrylic nails?
soak them in acetone nail varnish remover for at least half an hour and file them down if they dont budge! or go back to the nail shop and pay 拢10 to get them removed xxHow do I remove these stupid acrylic nails?
The best thing to do is go to a nail salon and have the people remove them for you. Don't bite them off. It will make your nails beds really sore. If you don't have the time to go to a nail salon then what you can do is get some nail polish remover and soak your fingers in it and the acrylic nails should melt off or get soft. If they don't completely melt off then you can pick them off if they are soft or just soak them longer. This may take a lot of time but it will work.
I had my nails done once and i ended up taking them off the next day because i could not change my kids diapers(you call them nappies), i could not type like you just said and my fingers hurt also.I called a friend of mine who went to beauty school and said to SOAK them in nail polisher removed that has Acatone in it.I did that but it still was a ***** to get them off.It took me hrs to get them off and the acrylic did not all come off at once either some of it was still stuck it came off over time. I haven't got the nails done since lol im just not use to having long nails and they suck when you have kids.
They take time to get used to. No one is more virtuous for not having them.

Anyway, what I always advise is taking a cotton ball and saturating it in acetone, place it on your nail and wrap each nail in foil. It will take about 30 minutes and they should be melted enough to scrape off. I would advise waiting a couple of days because it sounds like they damaged your cuticle area (shouldnt happen with a good tech) so putting acetone on them so soon might hurt
its probably because u just had them put on, you will get used to them in a few days. but if you really want them off head down to the drug store/pharmacy and buy some acetone. soak em in there, it dissolves the acrylic cement that binds the fake nail on.

oh i should also add, they almost destroy your nail putting them on so they bind well to your real nails, so you should invest in some nail strengthening treatments too because your nails will look shocking for a few weeks after.
I understand the hurt, you must have just received a new full set! I would recommend keeping them since you wanted your hands to look nice anyway. The throbbing pain will subside in a few days, if not then try this.....( the link)

it was a previously asked question and got good answers
Soak them in Acetone, you can buy it at drugstores. You have to do it for a while or it doesnt work. Try filing them down to a comfortable size otherwise?
Usually you need something with acetone in it to soften the glue.

DON'T bite them off, it leaves behind glue and it ruins your nails.
You can go back to the nail place and they will take them off for you. It takes longer than it did to get put on and is painful.

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