Monday, May 10, 2010

Growing nails longer and thicker with things at home?

I use to wear fake nails for years off and on. Now I want my real nails back but they are so weak and wont grow does any one know of way that I can get longer and thivker nails with stuff form home?Growing nails longer and thicker with things at home?
there is something you can use but its not from home and its not expensive!! You can get it at Sally's beauty supply its called miracle nail fix... and it really works! it has made my nails stronger than ever. If I remember correctly i think it was $3.99 but know its less than 5 dollars!!Growing nails longer and thicker with things at home?
massage your fingernails in olive oil
I think milk helps
i would invest in some NICE nail strengthener. not that cheap 99 cent bottle, which is what i usually get, but a nice, expensive bottle of clear nail stuff. i have the same problem - brittle, hard to grow nails. but i recently borrowed a friends nail hardener and it worked wonders! i finally can grow out my nails...try sally hansens hard as nails or something along the lines of that. its definatley worth it!
i dunno about stuff from home, but if you can get a hold of creative nails solar oil, it works wonders for nails.
I think if you drink alot of milk its suppose to help your nails grow longer and thicker.

Good Luck!:)
After searching 30 years for something that helps nails grow stronger, and faster ... I found only one thing that actually works. I don't know if you have any at home, but it's Coral Calcium, available (very cheap) in the nutritional supplement/vitamin section at Walmart. Take one a day, and you'll see a noticable difference in a week, or less.
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