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What's the best way to file/trim a dog's nails?

Is it best to just use traditional clippers? Does anyone have experience with a certain product that is save and effective? Thanks!What's the best way to file/trim a dog's nails?
Run with your dog on concrete. This gives you and the dog exercise and there is no bleeding and or scary tools.What's the best way to file/trim a dog's nails?
On the FumImation channel on TV once, I saw a commercial for cutting pet nails, the product's called ';Peticure';. It's basically a nail file that'll trim down your pet's nails without clipping or anything, so your pet's nails end up nice, smooth, and not bleeding, unlike clippers, where the nails get rough and jagged, nails start to bleed, and your pet is in extreme pain.
Whatever way works best for you. It also depends partly on how long the nails are...if there is a LOT of length that needs to be cut off it is better (IMO) to cut with the clippers first and then file them down if you like the feel of filed nails. For clippers, the best kind is a good SHARP pair of scissor-style clippers. You will have much more control with these than you do with the gilloutine-style clippers. A good sharp pair of clippers will NOT break the nail and it will not hurt as long as you do not cut the quick.

For filing nails I just use a regular dremmel tool. Yes, like the power tool. It comes in handy for so much more than dog nails. If your dog is small enough, or if you clip and then file, then a regular heavy-duty nail file would probably do the job. You have to be careful with dremmels if your dog has long hair as it can get caught in the dremmel and that really hurts. Also, you CAN file the nail past the quick and cause it to bleed (and honestly I think that would hurt MUCH more than cutting it with a sharp pair of clippers).
My roommate uses specialty clippers designed for dog grooming. You can get them at pet stores and some vet clinics.

Just be careful not to cut them too short, as dogs have blood vessels in their nails that you could accidentally clip. It's not too dangerous for the dog, but it's painful for them and they may give you a hard time with it after that.
I think that traditional clippers work great for shortening the nails, but it doesn't get rid of the sharp edges! If you go to a pet supply store or even wal-mart sometimes has them, there are files that you can by that are tough enough for dogs nails, so you can round the edges!

I hope this was helpful!
Depends on the size of the dog really. My pomeranian is terrified of clippers, soon as he sees them he goes nuts! Since he is so small only 5lbs, I can get away with filing his nails. For him it works great and he just lays on his back and lets me file them with no problem. I just use a 100/180 grit nail file. Of course if you have a big dog it wouldn't work so well. But they do have nail grinders which I hear work really well.
I would say that if you've never trimmed nails before take your dog to the groomers. If you don't know what to do you could easily cut the quick, a vein running through the nail, and could severely harm your dog. You can ask the groomer to show you how to do it yourself and what trimmers would be best.
i think FILE the dogs nails and llots of praise and treats. the clippers dont cute, they BREAK the nail. if you do cut too close a tip is to put corn starch or flour to stop the bleeding.
clippers, but be very careful not to goo too low 'cause they will bleed. If she bleeds, put flour on the nail to stop bleeding.

Go to you're local vet and they will suggest wich will be right for you're dog.
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