Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is a good way to help me stop biting my nails?

I frequently bite my nails and every so often i will stop and they will grow out. Then i start biting again. I usually bite my nails when i am really getting into a good book and dont stop until it is too late.What is a good way to help me stop biting my nails?
Get yourself a professional manicure. You'll love how it looks and will hate to ruin it.What is a good way to help me stop biting my nails?
i am 31 and i wish i did know a way. so far i haven't found a cure.. good luck
The best way to stop biting your nails is to start scratching your butt. After that, you'll only bite your nails once or twice.
The better way is that u hv to cut ur nails as short as possible.As there are no nails,nothing to bite.
There are special nail polishes that taste very bitter or leave a horrible taste in your mouth to discourage nail biting. You could also swipe some nail polish remover onto your fingertips, because the taste is very bitter and it will give you a headache.
the best way if you can afford it is to get some kind of enhancement, like gels or acrylics. gels are pretty durable, and if they on on well, it will hurt if you try to bit them. you don't have to add length, just do an overlay.
cut off your fingers, then you have no nails. LOL just kidding, i hope you won't actually do that. To stop biting your nails you have to make a promise to yourself, and everytime you realize, punish yourself in someway (non harmful way lol) and then put your mind to it, and you can do anything!!!!!!!
Well, I finally chipped my two front teeth from that bad habit! I, like you, would bite when I was reading or thinking about something. So now I have to get veneers, which are expensive, and you can't bite with those because they just don't have the strength of real teeth and it'll cost me to break them, so now I can't bite, even if I wanted to! I tried everything before this happened and only one other thing helped me stop, for awhile. I got acrylic nails and you sure don't want to bite those. But they started bothering my nails so I had to quit. But that was the best remedy I've ever come across! It worked 24/7! But alas, for me, it couldn't be permanent! But maybe it would work for you! You could try! Nail polishes and special coatings never worked for me, so that's all I can suggest to you!
They have special stuff that you use to paint onto your nails that taste awful.
If you think you can't quit, you won't. The good news is that if you think you can, you will. Like all habits, it's that plain and simple.
There is a product called no bite you can get at Walmart / Cvs / Walgreens etc ..

1.It has a very bitter taste which will prevent ou from biting .

They suggets you ware it it for 14 days and you should be cured .

2.Keep your nails low

3.It also helps to keep gum and mints around which occupy your erges to bite.....

All three combine should conquer your habit .

Former biter

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