Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How unattractive is it when a guy has long nails?

If a guy has long nails is it extremely unattractive,really unattractive, unattractive, or it just doesnt matter. Or, is it just unattractive when dirts in them, and its ok when there clean with no dirt. I know this is kinda a dumb question but im just curious. ThanksHow unattractive is it when a guy has long nails?
It is MAJORLY unatractive.

My boyfriend didn't cut his nails for a while, it was GROSS.

i was like cut them right now!

and he did, so we are still dating.

i woulnt really judge i guy on just that, but

yes, its disturbing.How unattractive is it when a guy has long nails?
I've seen guys with long, long sharped nails, sometimes painted black. Looked kinda clean in a ghothic way. That I don't really like but its alright.

That ';oh I forgot to cut my nails for the past 2 weeks'; look, I find unattractive. Kinda shows laziness, poor hygiene!
EXTREMELY unattractive eww its so disgusting. if i saw a really cute guy with long nails, i honestly wouldnt even waste my time talking to him. i went to israel once and i guess its a trend there for the guys to have long nails, and i was soooo turned off by that yuck
Unless he's a guitar player and needs them, I despise them! For one guys never clean them so they get all nasty and black underneath.

Please answer?;…
OMG!!!I know EXACTLY what your talking about.Especially when some guys have the long DIRTY nails.Even if there was no dirt under there long nails it's still VERY unattractive in my opinion.
I think it's really unattractive, it's unhygienic, disgusting, and looks very gross.
Very unattractive! It seems like they don't take care of themselves and especially cause they're always so dirty! It makes me think you do drugs, (even though its only the pinkie)
I hate when guys have long nails. Long nails are more of a girl trait. And a little dirt isn't bad, but I hate when it is really brown.
I think it's unattractive, they should cut them before they grow long, it only looks right when a woman has long nails.
Really unattractive. It shows that the guy doesn't take his personal hygiene seriously. ew!
Depends. I don't want a guy who has long, brownish looking nails. But I wouldn't mind if they were like Bill Kaulitz's nails. But I mostly prefer cut nails...
eww gag cough cough gag.


No. Just no.

It makes them look like they pay no attention to their hygiene. :| for guys, that is.
when i see long nails on a guy it makes me think he plays guitar, and thats really sexy/ hot. Jst nasty when there is dirt!
Just give him a shadow of the doubt... he didn't have time to cut it. otherwise... I'm okay with seeing dudes with long fingernails as long as its not a guiness world record, or longer than 1 inch
extremely unattractive...on both men and women!
REALLY me it just shows they don't pay attention to their hygiene or take care of themselves
While it can be nice on a lady, it is just disgusting on a man.
It is gross. but I do believe a man holds the world record for the longest finger nails.
they're just fingernails, sheesh.

but a guy with long nails isn't nice.
its one of the biggest turn offs in my opinion.

absolutely grosssss!!!
i think its feminine and a turnoff!

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