Sunday, January 17, 2010

How much of dog's nails should be removed?

Nails have been allowed to grow too long, touching the floor. Should just enough be removed to keep the nail from touching or should more be cut?How much of dog's nails should be removed?
i clip my dogs nails, and i would strongly advice not to just go at it and hope for the best. If it bleeds it can hurt so best to get it right the first time. If your dogs nails are white or light its much easier, because you'll see a pinkish blood vessel called the ';quick';. This is the part that bleeds. Just cut below that and youll be fine. If they are dark or black, approximate but take off less than you would normally to be safe. Just enough to keep the dog comfortable. If it does bleed, apply pressure. Hope this helpsHow much of dog's nails should be removed?
You should cut the nails every 2 to 3 weeks.And you only cut to the quick .That is the red line in the dogs nail if the nail is black and you cant see the quick take a flash light to the nail then you can see were the quick is then cut.If you cut to far the nail will bleed you can get a powered to put on the end of the to stop the bleeding i also heard that a bar of soap will work.
At my local vet I bought a pair of nail clippers that let you know how far you can cut weekly until they are a good length for the dog and owner. They have a metal stopper so you can't cut too deep. After that they should only need to be cut once a month. Good Luck!
i cut my dog's nails monthly. here is a tip; there is something beneath the nail thats looks like dried skin. i accidently cut too far and cut that, and he bled a bit. so you should trim it just before that part. If you don't cut it at all, it would eventually grow into his paw. So i suggest once every month or so.
who cares if the flippin dogs nails are touching the floor i've never cut my dogs nails in my life
Just the tip. I try to shave them back with the clippers until the color changes just a little. There color of the nail will be lighter right before the quick. The best thing to do is dremel them. This takes some practice and training.
If they've been allowed to grow that long, the quick will be close to the tip, so you'll need to only snip a bit back.

BUT - you'll need to do that every few days (at LEAST once a week) for a while, so that the quick receeds.

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