Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do you remove nail glue from your nails?

i was wearing fake nails and they were pre-glued and i used nail glue anyway. and i put them on sunday evening and i took them off thursday after school (today). and now its all stuck to my nails and wont come off. its not my first time useing nails. the first time i used them was 4 years ago, so im not new at this. and i dont have nail polish remover with acatone in it. so how do i take the glue off my nails?How do you remove nail glue from your nails?
Do you have a fine nail file or a buffer? You can lightly buff and that will remove any glueHow do you remove nail glue from your nails?
Nail polish remover is best. Make sure you put a small washcloth over the bowl while you have your hand soaking in it. It helps a lil with the fumes. Make sure it has acetone in it or it will not work.
Dawn detergent works wonderfully, its contents help reomove the debris under your nails and then use nail remover.
IM not sure but I think you have to leave ur nails soaking in alcohol, i might be wrong though.
put ur nails under really hot water and try using soap....Good Luck!!!!
nail polish remover... or i heard that rubbing alcohol will work... i have never tried it so im sorry if it doesnt work.... i hope i helped.
nail polish remover or soak them in nail polish remover for like 5-10 mins.
Soak for about 15 minutes in ACETONE nail polish remover.
nail polish remover usually works
soak ur nails in hottish water and kind of use something 2 more or less chip it off
soak your nail in pure acetone. soak one nail at a time for about a minute or so, then remove with a cotton ball, or a toothpick (or something similar) if necessary. thats what i do, and it works good.

good luck!
Get a bowl and put hot water in it and nail polish remover, let your hands soak in the bowl for like 15 mins, it shuold be good then. good luck =]

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