Friday, January 15, 2010

How do you remove acrylic nails WITHOUT going to a salon?

I got fake nails about two or three weeks ago and now i want them off. i dont want to go to a salon and i have already tried soaking them in Acetone for over an hour and i have clipped some of the fake nail off but the acrylic nails are still on. please help me!!!How do you remove acrylic nails WITHOUT going to a salon?
As a licensed manicurist you should never ripped your nails off!!!! Thats so damaging to your nails.

Since you have already filed the top layer of your acrylics you should be able to soak them off. Depending on what kind of product was used, it can take any where from 30 min to 1 hour of pure soaking. You should notice after 10 mins in acetone your nails are either a gummy or stringy texture (based on the product) start scrapping the acrylic...with your nails, orange would stick, cuticle pusher, etc. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to leave you nails in the acetone for 10 min increments.

Hopefully that helps any.

If you have any question just hit me up.

CND Grand Master Nail Technician,

LeahHow do you remove acrylic nails WITHOUT going to a salon?
if i were you i would paint them with a nail polish.i had the same problem so i painted them.then they slowly came off as my nails grew.dont worry about will take a little while for them to grow but they will be fine
Your doing the right's just gonna take a while. Look at it as a chance to start new. Have you tried a dremel tool? They make them specially for nails.
i use acetone, have you tried filing them down to make a very thin layer on top of your nail so that it will make it weaker?
just rip them off

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