Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do I stop biting my nails?

I do it contantly and I can't stop, they are very stubby and I want healthy long nails but I can't stop and those nail polishes that are supposed to taste bad taste good to me so I keep biting them.How do I stop biting my nails?
wear gloves.How do I stop biting my nails?
im just like u i cant stop bitting my nails either i do it sumtimes and i dunt even notice my mom hit me on my hand everytime she caught me bitting my nails but as soon as she left the room i'd do it again but i suggest u put an elastic around ur hand and everytime u bite ur nails snap it , it;s working for me so far
use HOT SAUCE!! it works for me!!!!!! at least!
Put on some of those long and elegant false fingernails with the little pictures on them. Your real nails will grow long underneath them.
Men find women with nice hands more attractive,

So if you wish to find a nice man then you should not bite your nails.

This isn't exactly true, but as a male who bites his nails, whenever I am attempting to attract a young lady i stop biting my nails because i make myself beleive that it may help me.

Just get some self belief that it is for a good cause that you will stick to from anywhere in your life.
easy go to nail salon and put fake nails on that will help

it will be long and beautiful
Just think, for every nail you bite, a loved one dies. :] hahahahahahahahaha, it'll work if you seriously think that!
you can buy special nail polish in drug stores that is clear and it tastes really bad so you will stop biting your nails
rub hot peppers or jalapenos on your nails and you WILL stop bitting them hahaha
put garlic on them and you will be turned off. more sonner the later you will be disgusted by biting your nails with out even having the garlic there
put some nail polish on then when you try to bite them it will taste bad.
Get false ones done, Acrylics, you won't want to bite them then- yuck!!!!
u put tape around the tops of them
Are you eating your toenails as well?
Perhaps you could try dragging your nails across a bar of soap. Assuming you're not a fan of soap flavor, it is a cheap solution.
tie a string 2 ur finger and when u see it u remember that ur tryin not 2 bite ur nails
paint your nails every day with hot sause that might work.
I am a reformed chronic nail-biter myself, and I suffered from the same ';condition'; as you do: those little jars of stuff that you paint on your nails (I won't call it ';polish'; because I'd hate to think I've ever worn polish!), which are supposed to taste bad. I didn't think they tasted GREAT, but it wasn't enough to put me off biting.

And I never tried the fake/acrylic nail method, either, for the same reasons I don't use the word ';polish';.

It's a matter of willpower. Like any compulsive behavior (like smoking), you just don't ';feel right'; unless you do it. (at certain times of day, or whatever). But UNLIKE smoking (and other habits that are just as bad), nail-biting has no chemical dependency aspect.

So, all you can do is quit, Cold Turkey. Try some of the things that other people have already mentioned (Tabasco Sauce, mittens, band-aids, whatever). Put a thick rubber band around your wrist (the kind they use at supermarkets to keep the live lobsters from pinching people), and if/when you have an urge or need to bite your nails, stretch the rubber band out and let it snap back against your wrist. It'll sting, but it won't cause any damage...and, your brain will have some ';negative reinforcement'; about biting your nails.

Make sure you're getting proper nutrition. A daily Multivitamin will help you deal with the ';stress'; of not-biting, and it will also strengthen your new nails as they grow.
dont wash your hands after you use the bathroom..especially the crapper
Scratch your butt with them so you'll have butt residue all over your fingers. That will work ... unless you also like the taste of your own butt.
I am a habitual nail biter. I had to get acrylic ones cuz I couldn't stop. I'm good now. But as soon as I take the acrylics off...i start biting again.
just paint your nails whatever COLOR you want. For some reason, that works for alot of people. I bite my nails all the time too, but when i paint them i just dont. Same applies with alot of other people. Weird but it works.
yeah i know those nail polishes with the bad taste dont even work I still bit the hell out of my nails after bitting the try polish off. Try using a nail hardner!!! it kept me from bitting my nails. But It was harder to bite. I was more like hurting my teeth. ahahaha

But then when I quit smoking I start bitting my nails again.
Put something bitter on them to discourage biting--there is a product used for this purpose (and thumb sucking) sold at drug stores and it is not nail polish (that will make you sick!) Chew sugar free gum instead.

You can pay for acrylics, and the cost might discourage you from ruining them or the extra crunchy sound make it worse! In that case, you need to talk to someone about what is at the core of your nail biting habit--maybe it's psychological.
tape up your fingers FOOL!!!!
Wrap a rubberband around your wrist. Everytime you bite your nails give your wrist a sting. Eventually you'll associate the stinging of the rubberband with your nail biting and you'll want to stop.
chew gum or something instead i bite my nails too and thats what helps me
Keep your hands away from your mouth....

i've had the worst habit, and nothing at all worked so i just had to force my self. this is gonna sound insane, but it took me 6 years to stop!!!

freaky huh?

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