Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How do I get a 9 yr old to not bite her finger nails?

My 9yr old is always picking at her nails or her nose? When I catch her doing it I tell her to stop or go get a tissue. She still continues to do it.How do I get a 9 yr old to not bite her finger nails?
Cut her fingers off it always works . Joking . My daughter is the exact same and she is 10 we have mentioned it to the Doctor and it was suggested to use a tincture on her fingers (i am sure it is iodine based) . We are still in the process of trying to black mail her ie if she stops it she will get the laptop she wants . Just proceed as you are and gently make fun of her and hopefully she will grow out of it .How do I get a 9 yr old to not bite her finger nails?
Truthfully, you probably won't be able to get her to break the habit of biting her nails..now the nose on the other hand...just keep telling her its gross and not to do it...eventually she will stop. My parents tried everything to make me stop biting my nails and i never did stop. im going to be 21 and still havent found a way to stop that habit.
im 20 and still pick my nose and bite my nails. GOD I WISH I DIDNT BITE MY NAILS... (only do it when stressed... exams)

Anyway i think theres a bitter solution you can stick on her fingers that will make her not want to chew her fingers cause of hte taste... thats about it that i know of.
You can buy a special type of nail polish that helps to stop people from biting their nails. It has a very bitter flavour that tastes terrible!

Ask your local pharmacist about it. :D
yeah i cant stop messing with my nails either its a habbit , sometimes you can stop something youve been doing for so long.

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