Sunday, January 17, 2010

How can you prevent your nails from chipping off, and getting brittle, ugly and terrible? Help!?

Also, any good nail hardner polish I could use to prevent this?How can you prevent your nails from chipping off, and getting brittle, ugly and terrible? Help!?
Stop using polish for a long period. The chemicals in the polish are what cause weak nails to become more brittle. One thing that worked for me really well was to take a clove of garlic off the bulb, peel the skin and using a fingernail cut it in half. Then rub the juice over your nails and under coating them completely before going to bed. Do this every night, washing them in the morning, and you should begin to see a difference within a week. I did it for a month and my nails became hard with a healthy glow to them. Garlic is smelly, but if you don't mind the smell, this works! Sadly, when you stop, your nails revert to the original way, especially when using polish, which we all love to do. Nutritionists also say taking gelatin will help. Whatever you choose, there is no permanent fix, you have to continue what you start. I would also look into talking with a nutritionalist to see if you need more vitamins and supplements in your diet. Hugs and good luck!


PS always be sure to wear protective gloves when washing dishes, using chemical cleaners and when it's cold outside.How can you prevent your nails from chipping off, and getting brittle, ugly and terrible? Help!?
wow ill try it and if it works ill let you now but how are your nails now.♥

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Get acrylics or gels and your nails will look perfect all the time.
Do you think your eating habits are bad? Maybe drink more milk. Wont help in one day but will help.
I have the same problem. Sometimes taking vitamins can help. I also use the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails with Teflon (in the clear color) and try to put on 2 coats about twice a week. Also, file them when you get the little edges or else they will tear more and if you are like me you will just bite them off down to nubs!
Massage your nails with olive oil %26amp; also take the olive oil supplement regularly. Thats good even for your hairs.
sally hansens hard nail polish.
I've tried everything. I'm anxious to know also. Good luck
Drink milk more often. The calcium strengthens bones, and your nails and made of bone.
using a nail hardening polish like Sally Hansen. Her products are great. try avoiding lots of water, it can make them very soft and of course if you were to accidentally hit your hand on something they can break easier. Just make sure you keep this hardening nail polish on it, plus the suns gives us a natural source of vitamin D...which helps nails, and skin and hair....i hope this helps some! i know how frustrating it can be.
drink a lot of milk cause this makes ur nails stronger and they even grow faster lol
Try to avoid a lot of water and keep several coats of polish on your nails at all times.
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