Friday, January 15, 2010

How can I make my nails stronger?

I used to bite them, and they are very thin, weak and brittle, any tips?How can I make my nails stronger?
go to body shop and buy the nail cream

u can also take pills for nails and hair(over 18 and ask your doctor first...its not for everyone)

also cut them regularly

and pink, reds, and dark purples and dark blues can be harsh on your nails. so if u use this color of nailpolish and leave it on for a long period of time u will notice your nails will turn a yellowish color. so stay away from the polish till your nails are fully healed

and ofc. stop biting them. i stopped by constantly chewing gum.

u might want to use alot of lotion on your hands so that the moisture will go to your nails too. but dont purpusly aply the lotion to your nails because some lotioins (expecially with alcohol) will dry them up. just aply normaly to your hands:)

anyway.. good luck:)How can I make my nails stronger?
There are cocktails for making your nails stronger if you do a search on your favorite search engine. Back in the old days, my friends swore that eating a lot of gelatin or ';Jello'; made your nails stronger. I have never heard to the contrary and believe that people are still mixing jello cocktails once a day for stronger nails. I believe you have to consume one serving per day for a month in order to see a significant difference. I am listing another product which makes claims to the like.
try eating or drinking alot of calcium

whats really good are milkshakes....

or u could try yogurts

what i used to do is paint nail polish over my nails and that stopped me from chewing my nails

and then i used extra strength nail polish remover if i didnt like it

hope i helped! :)

I know they have some kind of nail stuff in the nail section of CVS where I live, and it's something like Sarah Janes or whatever. It goes on as a clear coat and really helped me. Try it out. It's a little expensive, but worth it. Also milk is a great calcium builder, and I seriously have great nails thanks to milk. Hope I helped!
Mine were very weak.... And i started to apply this clear nail product called Nail Tech! It works wonders. you quickly apply it every 2- however long you want and your nails are so much stronger... I use it about every 4 days. Because it doesnt take much time at all.

Try it!

scratch the walls to exercise them
i got the same problem.

drink lots of milk.

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