Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How can i make my nails grow longer?

I really want to make them quite long before i go back to school which is 2 weeks.

any ideas?How can i make my nails grow longer?
get a hair, skin and nails vitamin. (for women only) it should have the basic vitamins + silica, inositol, biotin, and other random stuff. the one i have is really really good but it has things like royal jelly and all these extracts added.How can i make my nails grow longer?
Follow these steps:

Take a multivitamin every day. This'll help strengthen your nails.

Use a gentle hand cream to keep your hands moisturized every day, at least twice a day.

Use a nice cuticle oil every day before bed

File your nails properly - using a sweeping motion from the outside of the nail to the inside. Not a back and forth motion

Use either a clear nail polish or Hard as Nails by Sally Hansen

Do not pick off your nailpolish. If it begins to crack and peel, use nail polish remover to remove it. Picking nailpolish off can weaken your nails.

Wash your hands with a mild soap. Strong soaps can kill your nails.

Do not bite, chew, or pick at your nails.

And do not apply nailpolish after 6pm. It doesn't dry thoroughly and this can result in pillow marks on your nailpolish which weakens it.

Good luck!! I have to use nailpolish regularly to keep my nails from breaking as the kind of soap we have to use in my program is called Bactistat which is a harsh, antibacterial soap that we need to use in our Microbiology and Parasitology labs to kill anything on our hands so we don't take it out of the lab.

I find this method works well.

Just be good to your nails.

Good Luck! :)
buy prenatal vitamins they make your nails grow really healthy and can take prenatal vitamins just as if they were regular vitamins...i kept taking then even after my daughter was born...
There are certain polishs you can use to strenghen your nails which helps them grow longer for ex I use....;itemType=PRODUCT
A good multivitamin and use cuticle cream. Sally hansen has really good products. Also,make sure you use products that are anti-fungal
dont cut them off

answer mine;_ylt=AlxYpvOSy1Qy1waL37.8tNHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090405111008AAsWtfa
well first cut them all equal now.

Then like file them.

Add nail polishh.

Put on hand crream everyday.

drink milk and water its good for u.
just apply clear nail polish onto your nails,make sure it's the kind that stimulate nail growth
don't bite them if you do.

oh and there are like vitamines that you can take that make you hair and nails grow faster
I don't know if it helps, but i eat my finger nails, and when i put nail polish, it grows faster... :)
Use Green Tea (with Hootia) It makes nails grow long!

(as seen on TV)
Don't cut them put take care of them.
only time will make your nails grow longer
Cuticle oil and nail polish
drink milk, and eat fruit. That will help
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