Friday, January 15, 2010

How can i get my nails to grow faster and stronger?

Are there any ways to help nails grow a bit faster? Not expensive please! :)How can i get my nails to grow faster and stronger?
Sally Hansen products - Maximum Growth is good, stuff in the gold bottle is even better (can't remember what its called) You will see results in 10 days I promise.How can i get my nails to grow faster and stronger?
People don't realise that the cuticle is the heart of hail growth. Buy some cuticle oil and massage it into the cuticle 3 or 4 times a day, especially at night before you go to bed. Wear rubber gloves when your are washing up (washing up detergent is a killer for nails). Invest in a bottle of OPI nail envy (available at larger branches of Boots chemists, or on line at鈥?/a> and paint it on according to the directions. Your nails will grow a lot better and stronger.

This site gives you a list of nail problems and how to correct them.鈥?/a>

Don't forget, nails naturally grow pretty slowly.

Nails grow about 1/8 inch per month -- so it takes anywhere from four to six months to grow an full new nail. Any weakness will have to grow out. That's where nail envy helps, it helps the weak nail stay strong enough to resist breaking, until the stronger nail comes through, then keeps the new nail in good condition. If you do decide to try it, paint under the tip of the nails as well as the surfacew of your nails. Also only file one way, don't go back and forth, this weakens the nail.
i would advise using a clear polish that hydrates your nails because if you have dry or brittle nails that dint grow, putting hardener on them will cause them to brake once they have started to grow a little as they have no moisture.

regular shaping ( from the outside into the centre of the nail) and use lots of hand and nail cream...

also use an alcohol free nail varnish remover as this also drys out yur nails and casues them to break.
i hear putting garlic in your nail polish works. i tried it and it worked for me. but I'm not sure if it was the nail hardener/growth nail polish i put it in or if it was the garlic. But its worth a try. GOOD LUCK.
u should put nail hardner first of all...secondly dont bite them or play with them often.....also if they are a bit chipped cut off only the chipped part....till make them gro healthier.....but try the nail hardner it works well for me

hope i helped

good luck

Eat cubes of jelly, the gelatin they contain is the magic ingredient but if you are a veggie then avoid! also paint your nails with clear nail varnish to protect them from breakage.
you can buy this nail oil from the body shop really cheep that does that (; makes them shiny and healthy too and its all natural things in it
Eating lots of Jelly believe it or not!

Jelly's not expensive either.
Vitamin A
ever since i stop bighting them and started painting them they grew faster and stronger :)
rub some olive oil on your nails
stop biting them and just put nail hardener on them it costs about a quid

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