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What is the best way to trim a 3 month-old nails?

She is tearing me up to shreds! I try to trim them when she's alseep, but her relfexes are so spardic that she balls her little fists out so I can't do it. Help!What is the best way to trim a 3 month-old nails?
use a nail file

if you go from the top of the nail and stroke down it isnt that hard

if you insist on clipping let me tell you this, i did it once and i cut my babys thumb open. i cried!! i suggest you do it in REALLY good light adn when he is relaxed, have somone else hold him and keep him still, that way you can focus on what you are doing.What is the best way to trim a 3 month-old nails?
I always cut their nails while they were asleep. You can bite them off as well if you are worried about cutting the baby's fingers... and yes that is very easy to do. Just use your best judgment...
trim her nails when she is eating/being fed.
I cut my sons nails when he falls asleep in my lap at night, but at 3 months I think I used a baby nail file. It was easier. The nails were much softer and it was harder to figure out where the nail stopped and the finger began.

I always hate doing it, I am afraid I am going to nip him....

Good luck!
My 3 mo. baby girl balls up her fists really tight so I put my finger or 2 of them in her hand so she grasps that instead. It's worked really well for me. Good Luck!
Gently bite them off while she is asleep.
with fingernail clippers. Also you can just bite them off
cut them when she is a sleep in your lap
i just bite them i tried fileing them but there to flimsy
My son was always scratching his face. Just hold her hand tight when she is sleeping and trim them. Get somebody else to hold her arm still if you need to. My boy is really good as I've done it sionce he was days old a few times a week. He sits nice and still in my lap. Try it when she is awake to see if there is a difference. If you are too afraid you are going to trim her finger, then try - I know gross - biting them off. I know LOTS of people that did this.
They will be easiest to cut after she has been playing in the bath for a little while. The best way to do this is to giver her a nice warm bath and then get your husband to trim the nails while you nurse. She will be most relaxed and probably love the extra attention from Dad!

If this is not an option, the second best solution is to make a game out our of catching her hands with your kisses and biting off the sharp edges while she is giggling.

Both of these tactics worked with my three... just try not to stress, you being nervous or stressed will make her more likely to fuss.
a soft nail file is best

very safe as you cannot hurt your babies fingers, unlike nail clippers ..... i once used baby clippers and accidently cut the very tip of my babies finger (only slightly but it did bleed a bit), i felt awful but it is really hard if they are moving around lots.

Go the nail file - my baby loves to play with the nail file too - so it is like a fun game and completely safe too

try filing when they are sleepy and relaxed but not when they are asleep as they may wake with a start and get upset

good luck
I used the nail file with my baby. It worked well. Try filing them when the baby is asleep. if it doesnt work, try when she's awake. Sing a song or do somethin to distract attention. Good Luck
After her bath, her nails will be soft and it will be a lot easier to clip them. Do you have someone who can help hold her hands while you clip? That might make things easier. Good luck. Clipping baby fingernails is a tough job.
I've heard people say that biting them off helped.
Have you tried filing them? Maybe she'll accept that better than the clippers. And you're less likely to cut her.

I couldn't ever sit still that long, but it's worth a try. Use the lighter side of the emery board.
DONT USE NAILCLIPPERS!!! bite them off..when u use ur teeth u can feel how deep u r going..nail clippers are not accurate and u can get her skin

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