Monday, December 28, 2009

How do you get rid of the yellow stain on your nails from using nailpolish alot?

Ive already tried the lemon juice theory,

and i cant just grow them out because i have this thing were my nails take a very very long time to grow back.

I got the stain from nail polish so i know its not some heath issue with the fungus.Id know if it was a fungus.I got it right after i used a green nail polish and didnt use a base coat,i didnt know then that i needed to use a base coat first.

please help.How do you get rid of the yellow stain on your nails from using nailpolish alot?
Soak your fingers in nail polish remover for a couple mintures.How do you get rid of the yellow stain on your nails from using nailpolish alot?
Nail polish remover should help, or it may have to wear off naturally.

In the future, calcium and vitamin E are great for growing strong nails. You can also purchase gelatin caps, when are cheap and over the counter.
put a dark colour nail polish on top of your nail to cover the yellow:D
Try soaking your nails for two minutes in vinegar before you polish them, this helps eliminate the yellow tinge and also prevents your nailpolish from chipping.

Hope this helps you.
polident and warm/hot water.

it gets blueberry stains off fake teeth - it will get the yellow out of your nails.
Go to the nail solan n get then fix there. they know wut to do
go to a drugstore and find an over-the-counter medicine. that happened to me and it helped. next time remember to use a base coat! I hope this works!:)
you are going to have to just let it wear off. It shouldn't take long. Get you some Hard As Nails they have one with a pink tint so that your nails can get strong.
I paint mine a clear that sorta detracts from the yellow look by making them shiny... it doesn't happen if i don't have them painted for any length of time. Other than let them grow out, there's not really anything to do. My nails grow really fast; I attribute it to the fact that I love chocolate milk =) The calcium really helps nail growth. If you want to grow them out fast, get a lot of calcium!
well, you are supposed to use base nail polish to help solve that problem, but there are actually certain nail polishes or certain formulas that are made to remove that... i havent tried them, but here are a few links:鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

hope these helped!!!!
Soak your nails in bleach for 5 minutes. If it isn't gone, try it for another 5 minutes and so on.
I use White Out. It really works, and you can write on your toenails when you are through using it.
I used to wear nail polish a lot like that and my nails turned yellow so what I was recommended was to not wear nail polish for a while to air my nails out and the stains go away. Don't soak your nails in stuff because it weakens them and can dry out your skin.
Yes, bleach is one answer, but WalMart carries a ';fizzy'; tablet that works ok, but not as good as bleach.
buff your nails it works!!
Air exposure and sunlight seems to work for me. Just don't wear polish for a few days.
just go to the pharmacy they have nail polish espiecally for that its clear of course but it works
i actually need help with that problem too but my nails grow really fast..but i would try keeping the nailpolish off for a couple of weeks..
My toe nails do that. What I do is let them be polish free for a week or two and the yellow goes away completely. They just need to breath is all.
you can use some nail lotions.go to any drugstore,tell the person that sells drugs your problem and he-ll suggest you a ain't expensive
well you should get a manicure the people who work there will know what to do and will get rid of it or go to the Doctor it could be vary serous like a tumer
You've got to let your nails ';grow-it-out.';

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