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Is there a fingernail polish that keeps you from biting your nails?

I know I've heard of it. It has a bitter taste.Is there a fingernail polish that keeps you from biting your nails?
How to Stop Biting Your Nails

Tape your nails. One way to stop biting your nails is to tape the end of each with Scotch tape. Then when you go to bite your nail, you'll get an unpleasant mouthful of tape.

Apply a cream or lacquer. At your local grocery store or pharmacy you'll be able to find a plethora of nail creams and lacquers. Simply apply them to your nail and you'll get an unpleasant bitter taste each time you try and bite your nails! Brands such as ';Control-It,'; or Orly beauty's ';No Bite'; are such products. But truthfully, there are many on the market that all work well. If it tastes bitter, it should be a deterrent.

Chew gum. Sometimes biting your nails has less to do with the obsession of nail biting and potentially more to do with an oral fixation. Therefore try chewing gum to occupy your mouth. That way if you try and bite your nails, you'll be stuck with sticky fingers.

Wear mittens. If all else fails, wear mittens. It is so ridiculously unpractical and slightly embarrassing in public, that it should help stop that nasty nail biting habit real quick!

This is not a quick fix or miracle cure and YOU are in charge of sticking with the program. You must be 150% determined to do it or it wont work.

Caring for your nails

Purchase a bitter-tasting formula made expressly to stop nail biting. Choose the worst-tasting solution you can find. Wash hands every morning with soap and water and towel dry.

Apply a liberal amount of the solution to the nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. Continue to reapply the solution throughout the day as it wears off.

Reapply the solution at bedtime. Make sure the bitter taste is always present on your nails.

As nails begin to grow, coat them with a polish made for strengthening nails. Get regular manicures to maintain nails.

=)Is there a fingernail polish that keeps you from biting your nails?
I'm not sure if there is a fingernail polish that has a bitter taste to it however if you dip the tips of your fingers in something such as lemon juice (something that has a taste you dont like but doesnt smell bad) it might help. I have known people who have done this and it worked!
This would be very tacky for a teen or adult to do but I sucked my thumb as a child and my mom couldn't get me to stop by conventional methods like, yelling at me, calling me a sissy, spanking me, water torture like the president condones, etc. What she did though was put black shoe polish on my thumbs to keep me from sucking them. It was a very short period of time before I kicked the habit.

Black shoe polish wouldn't be very attractive to you but a neutral shoe polish would be undetectable, at least until the next time you went to bite your nails. Try it by getting up and putting it on your finger tips and nails first thing in the morning, at noon, and in the evening. It's a cheap resolution and will be something you can laugh about later on when you tell people how you stopped.
yes there is! I used to use it but I still bit them haha. I have a bad habbit as well. Im not sure what its called tho... lol..
try fingernail polish remover. my mom has the same problem. although she still chews on them, its less frequent. just another thing you can try. good luck

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