Monday, December 28, 2009

What can i use to help me to stop biting my nails?

my whole life ive bitten my nails and i would like for them to grown. but when i try they grown really thin. and they eventually break. So i not only want to stop bittne them but what would make them grown stron and healthy?What can i use to help me to stop biting my nails?
You can get a special lotion from your local pharmacy. It's a harmless yet DISGUSTING tasting liquid that you can paint on to your nails.What can i use to help me to stop biting my nails?
Some of the things u can do 2 help u is:

1.go 2 a store and get a nail polish that helps ur nails grow and stay strong

2.go 2 a nail salon

3.paint ur nails and if u try 2 bite them u will get nail polish in ur mouth
I used to be exactly the same way.

Until, my stepmom told me about getting fake nails. I was hesitant at first, becuase im pretty sporty, but they definately dont have to be long at all they can be pretty short but long enough. And you actually wont be able to bite them if you get the professional ones. They are too hard to bite, that way ya might just give up on biting them. Hope It works!
there are nail coats (clear polish) that strengthen your nails. when i used to bite my nails, i use this, and it tastes TERRIBLE so i eventually stopped. i would go upstairs and get mine but im 2 lazy and dont feel like getting up right now, so if you would like to know what brand i use, please email me. hope i can hope!!!!!!!!!
Get Acrilic ones! They DO NOT HAVE to be long (if you don't want them to be). But they are 'very' strong and every time you take them into you mouth, you'll be ';reminded'; not to. 'Scraping'them with your teeth would/is veeery painful. It worked for me!...Good luck!.
put tree oil on the tips of your nails because it taste bad
After you file and buff your nails to a nice shape, try using a strengthening base coat of nail polish first, then get a really nasty tasting color over it. That way, your nails will look nice because they're painted a pretty color, and you won't want to mess them up...and if you try to bite them, you will have a gross taste in your mouth. Hope that helps!
well if you really want that to stop biting it, cut off your nails!!! ahahaha....joking!! uhmmm... make ur nails be elegant than ever something that cant be touched by anyone..just love ur nails!!!

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