Saturday, December 26, 2009

I need some good ideas to help me stop picking my nails?

I have had the bad habit of picking at/biting my fingernails for a very long time. I need some creative ways to stop this habit. I've tried that special nail polish, chewing gum, holding onto stuff, everything! I can usually stop for about 3 months but then I can't keep it up. Has anybody whoever has had this habit found a good solution? Any and all answers are appreciated! Thank you!I need some good ideas to help me stop picking my nails?
get fake would be really hard to bite them...acrylic, solar, gel. etc.I need some good ideas to help me stop picking my nails?
When I realized I was developing a habit of fiddling with my mouthguard in my mouth, I made myself a rule that if I fiddled with it, I had to slap my own wrist, really hard. Even if I was in public and people were looking at me. It takes some self-discipline to follow through, but you just have to make it an absolute RULE that you HAVE to do it. It worked really well for me, because the slaps hurt and I didn't want people looking at me weird for slapping myself, so I stopped fiddling with my mouthguard really quickly!
Look up ';dermataplasia'; I think thats how you spell it, Anyways its a condition where you cant stop picking at the skin, usually around the fingers. I suffer from this and it got very gross at one point. To where my fingers were all torn and bitten around the nails. I think nail biting may be the same condition but on a different level. Its actually a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from what I understand.
dip your fingers in nail polish remover every morning because it taste awful! and when you start biting you'll notice more. Also I sometimes start to bite my nails, and instead I just run my teeth under my nails. It's just as gross, but at least my nails don't look all haggard. If you can go a week without chewing them off reward yourself with a manicure...
I have the same problem! well chewing gum kinda worked for me, but i also paint my nails too so i wont wanna rewin them. I also sometimes do it unconciously so i tell my friends to yell at me if they ever see me biting my nails. I have also had to put bandaids on my fingers for a few days cuase i was biting them soo short. Also, if you put fake nails on for awhile, then u cnt bite or pick ur own nails.

Hope i helped!
there is this nail polish called no bite or bite no more or something like that. My roommate uses it and she hasn't bitten a nail in months....also if you keep painting your nails normally, you shouldn't bite them. fake nails helped my mom stop biting her nails. and she bit them right to the nub.
I started getting my nails done professionally, you don't really bite them then, after some time you get used to not doing it and after a while you can let the acrylic go and you won't be in habit of biting your nails anymore. Good Luck.
put a rubberband on your wrist, everytime you see yourself going to pick at your nails snap your wrist with the band, eventually your mind will get the message! this works with all kinds of things, from saying ';like'; to much to well, picking your nails.
I stopped. Paint them, its nasty if you still bite them with polish on. Or just chew your lip instead. It distracts you. If chewing gum didn't work that is pretty weird. And picking your nails should creep you out. It would creep me out.
wear mittens. ALL THE TIME.
I take valium.The blue ones.
use fingernailpolish cause it taste's nasty so you won't like them anymore ! haha
chew gum it really works
stop thinking about it, chew a gum
i have the same problem!!! just put nail polish on or something
paint them it taste gross
just let yourself go, there are worse habits hon

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